Autumn Ryan is on a mission to change the cleaning industry by making it safe and more effective.

Autumn Ryan is on a mission to change the cleaning industry by making it safe and more effective

Like most entrepreneurs who are willing to take financial risks to reach their goals, early risks taught Ryan valuable lessons. Her story of entrepreneurial success led financial-guru Dave Ramsey to feature Ryan in his book “The Total Money Makeover” which in turn landed her on “Good Morning America,” sharing her ups, downs and rise to success and independence.

That was then. Now, Ryan is a serial entrepreneur with three successful enterprises under her belt since March, 2001 as well as a couple of spin-offs:  Southern Comfort Cleaning, LLC providing janitorial and residential cleaning services, CleanBeyond, a franchisor of commercial, residential and carpet cleaning franchises which she left in 2015 to form Aseptic Health, LLC, an Aseptic Veterinary and Dermatology line and SanitizeIT Clean spray disinfection services.

Aseptic Health has become the genesis of the Clinically Clean movement that Ryan began and it is the brand that is moving her toward her goals to revolutionize cleaning in all industries, including health care, and for the safety of those working in and benefitting from those environments.

Ryan’s enthusiasm and leadership makes her a dynamic keynote speaker and it has has landed her several awards including last year’s “Woman of Influence” by The Nashville Business Journal as well as a member of two classes of elite “40 Under 40” top entrepreneurs in Nashville, Tennessee.

Gus Scannapieco

Gus Scannapieco

Gus Scannapieco joined Aseptic Health in 2017 working with Founder Autumn Ryan to develop new procedures and products for safer, more effective hand sanitization.

In addition to Gus’s finance and accounting background for the first 13 years of his career, and as General Manager of Coyne Industries, chemical manufacturing, he co-founded Sani Fresh International, Inc in 1978. The brand became the preeminent manufacturer and distributor of the leading hand care & dispensing system in the U.S with international licensees in Europe, Africa, Canada, Australia/NZ, Japan and the Caribbean.

Gus initiated the developments of Alcohol gel sanitizer, deLimonene industrial hand cleaner and a hair & body shampoo, all firsts of their kind in the U.S. After several successful years in business, he and his partner sold the company to Kimberly Clark.

In 1990, Gus joined Zep, Inc. in Atlanta Georgia as President of its first International Division  and was responsible for expanding the line into Canada, Europe, Australia/NZ and Puerto Rico. He was part of the initial team that expanded Zep products into Home Depot.

Gus is a guest lecturer in International and Entrepreneur Studies at the University level and is available for speaking engagements.